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Turkey 1997-98 years.


1997. At Princes' Islands.

1997. Princes' Islands. Chilik Gelersoy and artists
Azat Galimov and Ildar Ahmetvaliev.

1998. Buyukada, Princes' Islands.

1998. Buyukada, Princes' Islands. In search of nature.

1998. Buyukada, plein Air at Diil burnu.

2008. Island of Marmara.

2009. On the shore of the Marmara Sea.

2009. Roses on Island Marmara.

2009. Island of Marmara. In an olive grove.

2009. Island of Marmara."The Island of Marmara. The Dance of the old olive trees".

2009. Island of Marmara. Artwork ready!

2009. Island of Marmara. It is difficult to find a suitable motif!

2009. Island of Marmara. Fishing boats.

2009. Island of Marmara.

2009. Island of Marmara. " Evening on the fishing pier".

2009. Island of Marmara."Among the roses ...".

Summer 2009. Hot to work ....

Autumn 2009. Evening tea. Island of Marmara.

May 2010. Istanbul.

April 2010. Work on the "Evening Bouquet".

May 2010. Work ... work ...

Repose. May 2010, the island of Marmara.

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