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September 2008.
5th International Plein Air.


Members of the plein air.

Stoliv. Evening motif.

Kotor. Old castle. In search of a motive.

Kotor. Old castle. At the entrance to the Citadel.

Kotor. Old castle. Working ...

In the mountains of Montenegro.

On the streets of Old Town . Kotor.

Almost finished picture.

The roofs of the Old Kotor.

Azat Galimov, Svetlana and Vasily Shevchuk for work.

Azat Galimov and Vasyl Shevchuk. Already finished painting .

Boats. Bay of Kotor.


Old Kotor. Walking through the city.

Azat Galimov and Dmitry Patrushev, artist from city Vyatka.

At the opening of the exhibition.

Handing Diplom party plein air.

With a group of artists from Vladimir.

Azat Galimov. In his stand.

Such beauty!!!


Tivat. At vzletnm field.

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