Plein Air in Bulgaria.
September 2009


Village Ichera. Home restoran. Azat Galimov, Anaoly Panagonov and Andrew Soldatenko.

Village Ichera. Home Restaurant.

Azat Galimov, Andrew Soldatenko, Anatoly Panagonov.

In the village Ichera. Luchezar Radov artist, gallery owner and organizer of the plein air.

Village Ichera. Azat Galimov, Luchezar Radov, Anatoly Panagonov.

Anatoly Panagonov at work.

Azat Galimov, The first sketch.

In search of a motive.

Beautiful animals!! Just delight!!

Azat Galimov, Luchezar Radov

Village Ichera.

Work, work!

Azat Galimov, Anatoly Panagonov. Admire the beauty.

Panorama of the city of Varna.

Very good work!

Azat Galimov together with Anatoly Panagonov.

Varna. Former House Radio.

Varna. On the steps of the gallery. Getting ready for the exhibition.

Varna. Meeting with the Bulgarian artist Angel Atanasov, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in
St. Petersburg.

Varna. Azat Galimov, Anatoly Panagonov, Luchezar Radov.

Tomorrow, the opening of the exhibition.

Presentation of the Bulgarian-Russian exhibition. Art historian Plamena Dimitrova-Racheva.

Azat Galimov (St.Petersburg), Andrew Soldatenko (Saratov), Anatoli Panagonov (Varna).

With the guests of the exhibition.

Welcomes guests.

Tired ....

Bulgarian Rose.

These are the landscapes in Bulgaria !!!!!!

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